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VISICORE – functional support for the eyes

Visicore – terapi emas untuk mata cerah adalah produk herbal yang diteliti dan diproduksi oleh teknologi Jepang, yang membantu mengurangi kelelahan mata, mata kering, meningkatkan penglihatan, mengobati dan mencegah penyakit. berkaitan dengan retina.

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VISICORE – functional support for the eyes

Visicore – golden therapy for bright eyes is a herbal product researched and produced by Japanese technology, which helps to reduce eye fatigue, dry eyes, enhance eyesight, treat and prevent diseases. relating to the retina.



Contain Anthocyanosides that help improve vision and vision for people nearsighted or at risk of nearsightedness, reducing symptoms of eye pain, blurred vision, headache. After the first 2 weeks, a / c will decrease eye pain, eye fatigue, and yellow eyes; no longer feeling dizzy due to poor eyesight.

#Natural Broccophane

Extracted from Broccoli is optimal in increasing Thioredoxin synthesis – helping to protect retinal and vitreous pigment epithelial cells. Out of the first 2 boxes, vision is up to 38% more stable, focusing easily on using computers / electronic devices without feeling eye pain; stop watery eyes, eye aches when you have to focus for too long.


Contains Crocin that promotes blood circulation to the retina, the choroid. Helps treat eye diseases, clean free corners that hurt macular damage. At the same time, vitamin A in Saffron is the ideal nutrient to help the vision cells become healthier and more flexible, slowing down the aging of the retina. After 2 months, the a / c’s vision will be stabilized to 80%, the health of the macula will be preserved.


Contains Helene in the retinal function, which improves vision health and aids in the treatment of macular degeneration, cataracts, and photophobia. maintain healthy golden eyes for 2-3 years.

User manual

A box of Visicore – gold therapy for bright eyes contains 30 tablets.

  • Adults with serious eye diseases: 3×1 tablets
  • Adults with common eye fatigue: 2×1 tablets
  • Children over 6 years old: 1×1 tablet


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